Latibulum Lumen Candles was founded in 2015 after issues with Narcolepsy and Cataplexy left the founder of the company unable to continue her work within the NHS. What followed was a year of product development and fragrance testing, which also allowed the artist to combine her other passions, such as music, and her time in higher education where she studied and achieved a Diploma in the Occult and Mantic Arts for her ambition to become a globe travelling Cultural Anthropologist and to experience and appreciate with her own eyes, the beauties of other lives around the world. Sheryl began creating a range of candles that hold a secret item inside them, an item that would be specific to the target audience of the candle itself, ranging from semi-precious cut gems, diamonds, guitar picks and drum keys. This range was the inspiration behind our brand name, "Latibulum" is latin for secret, and "Lumen" means light. Since her initial launch, the artist has developed and specialised in further areas such as incorporating crackling wooden wicks into her candles, and custom fragrances and designs upon customer request. Provocative, curiosity, inquisitive, unique and alternative and heavy metal! These are the key things that set the artists candles apart from other independent candle makers.

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