Paul Praeger

I am a developing photographer who enjoys recording fleeting moments that appeal. I am drawn to shape, form and simplicity in my compositions and relish the creative opportunity afforded by the digital format.
  1. Twirl.
  2. Waiting for the Summer.
    Waiting for the Summer.
  3. Who sat here?
    Who sat here?
  4. Wisp.
  5. Queen-Anne Stairs
    Queen-Anne Stairs
  6. Red Audi.
    Red Audi.
  7. Skateboard in the Park.
    Skateboard in the Park.
  8. Twirl 2.
    Twirl 2.
  9. Infinity Bridge.
    Infinity Bridge.
  10. Jewels in the Grass.
    Jewels in the Grass.
  11. Out in the Open.
    Out in the Open.
  12. Paterns on the Pier.
    Paterns on the Pier.
  13. Brow of The Hill.
    Brow of The Hill.
  14. Flying.
  15. Harbour Arm.
    Harbour Arm.
  16. I'm on my way.
    I'm on my way.
  17. Bexhill Chevy.
    Bexhill Chevy.
  18. A Glimpse.
    A Glimpse.
  19. Are there More?
    Are there More?