Helen generally works with used textiles along with wire which she likes to weave to form partial body shapes. The wire gradually rusts and breaks as it stains and rots fabric and threads it comes into contact with. Old photographic images are also important to Helen, she prints them onto textiles then works into them.
The intrigue of the layers of plaster and wallpaper discovered in old houses along with the crafts involved in building the houses have all informed Helens working practice. Mixed media to enhance the textiles within the work probably explain Helens work best.

Helens work is not about dwelling in the past but remembering fragments of the past that are in part who we are today. Diploma in Fashion, Derby College of Art BA Hons, Applied and Media Art MA, Fine and Applied Art Practice City and Guilds EmbroideryMembership. Prism,textile inspired artists Zoom Arts Studio 21
Hastings Art Forum.

Recenty exhibited.
February 2018 Hastings Art Forum Hastings.

October 2017 Prism Hoxton Arches London.
July 2017 Hastings Art Forum Hastings.
July 2017 Zoom Arts Hastings Hastings.

April 2017 Prism, RBSA Birmingham.
Dec 2016 Traces, Fenton House. London.

March 2016 Prism, Hiscox Art Cafe.
May 2015 Prism, Hoxton Arches.
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