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Exhibition - Kim Hall & Tony Ellis – March to April 2019
In March and April at the regular Zoom Arts venue of Oscars on the Square, (under the
promenade, St Leonards), Kim Hall and Tony Ellis are exhibiting a selection of their works.
Kim’s square format series of images, she says is a reflection of my own headspace’.
Sometimes these visual metaphors are blatantly obvious, but other times they may not seem
this way to the viewer. Kim searches continuously for the much sought after ability to be able to
discover a quiet, calm peace of mind and sometimes the catalysts for her thoughts are found in
the simplest of places.
Kim’s work for this exhibition also includes some hand sewn birds hung from their own branch;
representing friendship and strong bonds. Each bird is accompanied by a quote about
friendship and is a quiet, calming reminder of a strong friendship bond.
Finally, a short series of A3 black and white silver gelatin prints hang on the walls of Oscars
which originate from Kim’s archives and are an early exploration of her relationship with the
natural world influenced to a significant degree by balancing the care of a young daughter with
a life-limiting health condition Cystic Fibrosis. There is a donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust
with every sale of these individual one-off prints.

Tony Ellis’ collection of images depicts street musicians, mostly on London’s south bank. These
“Entertainers” perform in public for the enjoyment of passers-by and with some very welcome
loose change from those who appreciate their art.
Included in this collection are images from an earlier show of urban street life

Kim Hall & Tony Ellis

Upcoming Events

New Member's Retrospective

Opening the 2019/20 season at the Zoom Arts Gallery at Warrior Square Station, our new members are introducing themselves with a retrospective of their work. This exhibition, showing the diverse interests and viewpoints of 5 emerging photographers opens on Sunday 24 March with a Wine and Waffle meet the artists on Monday 25 March from 7-9pm. The exhibition closes on Saturday 30 March.