Chris Dredge.
Mixed Media Artist.

My artistic training came from five years at K.I.A.D where after working within traditional mediums I graduated with a BA (hons) degree in Video Media Arts.
I was in my early twenties then, and although I kept up my creative passion by forming my own Heavy Metal/ Punk Band “Spawn of Psychosis” I slowly stopped creating art due to everyday life commitments.

In April 2016, the sudden death of my partner of five years made me question my life choices, and I decided to start up Ashes to Embers Studio.
I quit the day job, took what money I had and relocated to Hastings, and I am now establishing myself within the art community.

I mainly work with Acrylic paint including special effect paints such as crackle effects and structure gels. My influences come from the observations I make of worlds around me, the events of my life, and my own dark and quirky sense of humour.
I like to give back with my art and have used my creative nature to help raise money for charities such as MIND and The Philippines Street People Appeal Fund.

  1. Ashen Phoenix.
    Ashen Phoenix.
  2. Ashen Phoenix Head
    Ashen Phoenix Head
  3. Blood And Gears.
    Blood And Gears.
  4. Robinson- Chtulu.
    Robinson- Chtulu.