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Current Exhibition.

One Man in a Waiting Room - 3 Exhibition by Nick Hill
Local artist Nick Hill was born in
 Newcastle and educated in France and America. He
has worked mostly in the catering industry both in France and England, along with
stints in Forestry work and ten years working with people with learning disabilities.

He started painting 10 years ago, as a way of fighting an ongoing struggle with
depression of which he has suffered most of his adult life - “I find the action of
painting, or being artistically creative, therapeutic as well a catalyst or 

Self-reflection, giving me the possibility to analyse myself in a positive manner.”
In the past, Nick has used his art to exorcise his demons looking into themes such as
mental health, child abuse, drink and drug abuse and radicalisation, subjects that Nick
fell victim to during his misspent youth. Since leaving art school, where he spent
6 years studying for an art degree, which he felt had nearly been soul destroying, Nick
has carried on working from home creating pieces which he eventually hopes to sell
to raise money for different charities - “In the past two years I have raised over one
thousand pounds for Cystic Fibrosis, and Dementia, and this year I hope to sell my
work for the charity Mind, which is obviously close to me.”

Nick usually works around a theme, which is at present nautical subjects such as fish,
boats and maritime landscapes, and despite the content of his work having mellowed
into something more cheerful and uplifting it remains colourful, humorous, and
slightly surreal. He enjoys very much being a member of Zoom Arts where he gets the
chance to work with an unpretentious group of artists who are not entirely motivated by their own egos, sales and profiles. His new solo show at the Zoom Gallery, Warrior Square
Station, St Leonard’s opens from the 16thto 22nd July from 10 am to 5 pm. The exhibition
will consist of mixed media pieces, old and new, and he hopes to bring a smile to the
viewing public, if he does, he will have achieved his Goa.

 Upcoming Exhibitions

Anthony Birch 
Introducing Flora

Anthony Birch is back this year with a fresh vibrant twist! A departure from last years architecturally styled monochromatic drawings of Hastings landmarks, Anthony has taken to, canvas, producing colourful paintings with a summer feel. Cosmos', Sunflowers and Passion Flowers feature in the exhibition with exaggerated colour and sharp black outlines reflecting his love for ink. Come along and feast your senses on this not to be missed exhibition. 

Anthony will be exhibiting at the Zoom Arts Gallery from Monday 24th July until Saturday 29th July. Preview is on Sunday 23rd July @7pm.