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Current Exhibition.

Lumen and Cleland's Kinetic Emporium

The “Lumen and Cleland's Kinetic Emporium” which starts 16th October - 22nd October at the Zoom Arts Gallery, Warrior Square Station
10am4pm will showcase Mobile arts, Musical arts, Marble Run's by two of the collectives member artists Sheryl Hall and Susan Cleland.
There will also be a FREE workshop for children and families to create their own Kinetic Sand, Fluorescent Potions and Praxinoscope Animations to take home on the day. 
Susan Cleland, a local Hastings artist, and member of Zoom Arts has always enjoyed experimenting with different art forms. Until recently one she had always been fascinated by, but never tried herself was kinetic
art, and in particular mobiles. Whilst talking to fellow Zoom member, Sheryl Hall, they discovered they shared this interest, and this exhibition stemmed from that discovery. 
Susan says "I hope this exhibition will appeal to both adults and children. It has been fun to do, and I hope it will be fun to see!"
Sheryl Hall studied Cultural Anthropology and Religious Studies for over 10 years with an ambition to travel the world and experience the many beautiful traditions around the globe.
With her inquisitive personality still very strong, Sheryl soon specialised in creating a range of candles that hold a secret item inside them, an item that would be specific to the target audience of the candle itself and thus began her company “Latibulum Lumen Candles”.
“It's great to be working alongside Susan Cleland. I love kinetic arts and I am drawn to musical boxes whenever I see them. I tried to incorporate what I see as 'Beauty''  with a particular musical tune for my creations in this exhibit” Sheryl Hall

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